1. Is the WCSDO active now?

Yes and as of 2021 we have approximately 1200+ members mostly domiciled in USA but also in Canada, England, Mexico and more

2. Is there a cost to join the WCSDO?

No, not at this time

3. Does WCSDO accept members of all Christian denominations?

Yes, if you can agree and sign our mission statement below

Mission Statement:  “We are dedicated to God our Creator and His underwater creation that we as divers and snorkelers have been privileged to enjoy. We are committed to family, service, instruction, prayer, outreach, praise and fellowship through our devotion to advancing God’s Kingdom.”

Core Values: We believe in one God, the Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our Savior, and The Holy Spirit the third person of the Trinity. We place God first in our life, continuously seeking His righteousness and totally relying on Him. The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God and it is our “core” book we use to teach and read about God. There are no mistakes in it and it is WHOLLY true and gives us the answers to how we should live our lives in all areas. Leviticus 20:8 Keep all My decrees by putting them into practice, for I am the LORD who makes you holy. We believe that faith in Jesus as our Savior through his death burial and resurrection on the cross is the only way to God and Eternal Life. We seek to do God’s will and do what is right in God’s eyes because we desire to strengthen our relationship with HIM and to provide this unconditional Godly love to others. “I agree and support the WCSDO mission statement and core values”.

4. What if we are from a Non-Christian religion or belief, can we still join?

No See Question 3 above

5. What denomination is WCSDO?

A non-denominational organization. As in our mission statement, our desire is to do
what Jesus called us to do. We are called to serve others and the people will recognize
him through our love and joy for each other.

6. Can members donate money to the WCSDO to help with its expense or certain mission trips?

Yes, WCSDO is a 501 C3 org. where member’s donations can be deducted from their U.S. Federal taxes. Copies of our 501c3 designation can be provided.

7. What other non-diving activities will there be to participate in?

WCSDO will have scheduled times to get together in small groups for different types of topic discussions and scripture, as well as prayer groups, prayer walks, local church attendance, etc…. We will plan trips as the Lord leads us to. We will not have all our trips on diving locations; we will travel according to the needs of the people that God wants to touch through us. We do want to participate in as many various activities as we can, which also includes amusement parks or relaxation trips.

8. How many trips a year will there be?

Generally, WCSDO has 2-3 trips per year

9. Is there an age requirement for membership?

Yes, WCSDO will accept any member age 18 and over. Younger persons may participate in our mission trips and activities with an accompanying guardian from the ages of 12-17 for our dive trips according to their levels of diving experience. Children of all ages can participate in many of the “other than scuba diving” activities, which will be a part of our dive trips.

10. Will WCSDO ever have trips where divers can get their certification and/or advancement?

Yes, we will require that all book and class work be done on your own, by a local dive shop. WCSDO can then have one of our participating dive instructors instruct you in your open water dive requirements on one of our trips designated for this option and that instructor can certify you at that time. Other dive level certifications are available

11. Will your trips accommodate handicapped divers?

We are working right now to partner with some organizations that will assist us in accommodating handicapped divers. We will identify and highlight any trips with this accommodation, although there may be trips where we do not have the capability to organize and accommodate handicapped divers. Please contact WCSDO for more information on each trip as it is scheduled.

12. Can members communicate with each other?

Yes, WCSDO has a Facebook page Christian Scuba Divers

13. Can members post their pictures and videos on the WCSDO forum site for others to see?

Yes, once reviewed and approved by the WCSDO, we will upload them to our Facebook/Website.

14. Is this only for scuba divers or can snorkelers join?

Our members can also be snorkelers, although the main emphasis of our diving trips will be for scuba divers. We do plan on having some “family” mission trips which will include snorkeling and other family activities other than just scuba diving.