We started to support a water filter program to provide clean water to communities.

See more about the program here: https://wcsdo.org/water-filter-program/


LIVING WATERS RTB PROJECT was formed in Roatan to bring a better way to consume clean, healthy, good tasting drinking water for ALL. In most areas of Roatan, the local pipe fed drinking water is not healthy and bad tasting. Residents must buy bottled water instead. This bottled water is expensive and difficult to carry AND when you dispose of these plastic bottles, they end up polluting our roadside fields and beautiful ocean waters !

NOW, The Living Waters Project can provide locals in Roatan with an INEXPENSIVE – QUALITY- Water filter device to supply all their drinking and cooking needs for their family.

The Water filter devices are manufactured by Village Filters.

Preparing Living Waters donation kits consisting of:

  • Village Water Filter VF100
  • Living Water Pocket Testament
  • Bible
  • Jesus Film
  • Living Water RTB carry bag

These kits are created by funds donated by our members and given out to local  families in Roatan with opportunity for prayer and fellowship by our working partners Pastor Bill Gale and Ricky Bernardez of Pandytown, Roatan Island.

“Demo by Ricky of a filter being donated” 

Video of filter performance (Spanish) w/English captioning

We hope you can support the mission. Go to our donation page here: https://wcsdo.org/donate/